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Went to Aurora after a 6 hour unscheduled stop at was to Aurora at 3:15 pm...fished the dam...25 degrees...wind out of the southwest (I thought south was supposed to be warm...must of been blowing in from was about a 100 degrees warmer Friday night at 9pm at Chatfield) at 15mph...talked to 5 guys trout on power bait...they were dejected and frozen...I had the same rigs on from Chatfield and it was late...what trout couldnt refuse a 3 inch shiner on a slip bobber?...Aurora's trout...broke off two jigs I know why I dont fish the east end of the many fisherman's old broken lines out in the water...decided to head for the handicapped pier for the last hour of daylight...met two more guys leaving with no fish (were using power bait) guy still there casting a rapala...sun was now gone...decided to save the fingers and went with shiners on both floating one kind of on the bottom (one split shot)...thought I would let the gales blow it around...nothing for both of us...gave up at 5 was a lot colder than Friday night...heard that the last day for the boat ramp to be open is the 14th of December at Aurora...or maybe that is when it is closed...just an FYI...about the only piece of redemable information in this post...

Think the fishing gods are trying to make me go ice fishing...I keep seeing that poster's byline...friends dont let friends fish for trout!...bwahahaahahahhahahaha...PuebloGoldenWiperMan's favorite saying...
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