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Aurora Reservoir

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I started a new aurora res. topic cause the other ones are dated.3 of us rode mtn bikes around to back of lone tree cove on sat about 8am.Beautiful day,no wind.What a difference a year makes! Where last spring we sat on a sandy beach,now we were confronted with about 20-25 ft of weeds and small trees between us and the water.It was like this pretty much everywhere but the dam.Anyway a hatch of black mayflies? sarted the trout to slurping and I caught one on a bubble dragging a minnow.(I didnt bring any flies!)A14" bo,missed 2.Then put on a silver bouyant and missed 4 hits.Action then totally died.It was tough fishing with all the weeds so we went to the dam,lots of people but still plenty of room especially with bikes. I threw out 2 rods with floating jig head/minnow combos and missed a bite in 5 mins. 10 mins later I caught a 18"male bo,then another 10 mins another male bo at 16".Then the howling gale hit and the rollers got to about 3 ft.We were standing about 15 ft up the dam and still getting wet!Any way caught the last bo,a female with beautifully formed skiens of eggs inside,a 18"er. On an egg sac.had the wind cooperated, I think we would have slayed them!I'll tie up these eggs and use them next trip to aurora.

Heres a picture from lake powell I got off the internet from WaynesWords:
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When do the stripers really start hitting at powell? Any good times of year anybody?
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