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Aurora Static Storm

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My friend and I were rowing into the marina area yesterday just as the rain started coming down. We stopped at the boat docks to make a few casts and my friend laughed and told me to watch my line when I made a cast. I did and when my lure hit the water I noticed it took forever for the slack line to fall. He said this was caused by the static in the air. At one point it got so bad that my other rods behind me made the same sound you hear when standing next to power lines. At that same point if you left any slack in your line it would actually float up in the air. Needless to say we got off the water in a hurry at that point. Thank god there was no lightning. Have any of you ever expirenced this before?
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There was an article in the Post several years ago where some dude who specializes in big pike at 11-mile said the same thing about the fish biting/arcing thing. I figured if he had Cojones enough to do it,I would too.
Slayer- I think you have a marketing idea. I wonder what would happen if you rigged a couple of batteries (say C size) through the reel seat of your rod? You think you'd catch more fish? I bet you could even make it so the tip of your rod lights up at night so folks wouldn't have to use those green sticks. I think there's some marketing potential there!
Yakatut said:
Roth.......I think it a warning from God........compelling you to share your secrets of your success at aurora......................if you time............................ZAP!
I think that I'll have to keep my spot a secret... if I get zapped I'll be taking a large stringer of fish with me to my grave ;D.
I've had dry static storms cause blue electrical arcs across the aluminum frame inside an outfitter tent while elk hunting.
I have always been pretty anxious about lightning and always seemed to err on the side of caution when deciding whether to get off the lake or not. Then I always felt I got off too early which kind of pissed me off. So I found this company in the Springs that makes a lightning detector that tells you how far away the strikes are and clues you into the direction of the storm. Now I have more confidence in staying out on the water longer. It's at I think it was initially developed for golfers, but it's perfect for the boat and those wide-open streams like the Spinney Mile. It's saved me a couple of times...I highly recommend it...worth every penny.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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