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I am heading to Aurora after work on Thursday. I don’t know if I have anyone to go with me to the canoe will have to stay at home...
This is only my second time there and I will be limited to the shore. (The first time I went I fished off of the dam.)

Any suggestions for other parts of the lake to head to? I am not opposed to walking a ways if I need to and I would like to catch some other species besides trout.

Can I take my belly boat there?

Of course- if anyone has fished that lake in the past and knows how to catch large quantities of large fish every time out and wants to show me the hot spots and good lures then buy me a beer afterwards you are more than welcome to join me!

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You can take a bellyboat out around the marina cove with 2" green pumpkin tubes on a 1/8oz jig head...if you have time kick your boat just a little bit more up shore to Senca (spelling?) cove...i have caught a TON of bass and wiper out of that cove...
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