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Once or twice a year I get the opportunity to get away from all the lakes and streams that everyone fishes to fish a little piece of heaven down in Cucharas.

The scenery is magnificent, there is no trash strewn around, rudeness isn't allowed, the fish that cruise the shorelines very fat and healthy and I didn't cost me anything more than the gas to get there. The kind of place most anglers dream about- ALMOST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

I spent 6 wonderful hours catching and releasing well over 30 Rainbows and Browns ranging from 16"-24" long. I probably had at least that many LDR's due to lack of skill with barbless hooks. I even caught some newly introduced Palominos that were stocked this spring at 6" that were already pushing 10" in this well managed lake.

Kinda makes me wish I had $1 million to invest in creating my own private lake and hiring a wildlife biologist to help me manage it.

Although the owner may never read this; I hope those who get the chance to fish his lake really appreciate what he does to allow others to enjoy fishing it. THANKS SAM!! Extra special thanks to my great friend who got me the invite to tag along while he guides on this lake.

Here are a few pics. Blade Baits and the "Polish Assassin" produced the biggest and most fish for me.

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