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I wanted to share a couple things with the forum. As a lot of you know, there are many good fishing channels on YouTube. I came across one not too long ago that I really like. It's called AX Fishing Academy and the guys basically give lectures on different fishing topics. They are super informative, in-depth and they have all sorts of subjects including:

Walleye Basics

Pike Basics

I was just watching the night fishing for walleye video series and I'm about to check out their crappie vids. They bring up all kinds of stuff that I wouldn't even think of so I really like their stuff.

Then, another channel that I really like is Uncut Angling. Many of you are probably familiar with it but if you aren't, I'd recommend checking it out. In contrast to the fishing academy, it's more for entertainment than education.

This particular video is on casting for shallow lakers in the fall:

If anyone can recommend some other awesome YouTube channels, I'd love to hear about em.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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