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One of my favorite things to do is fish the back country away from the crowds. Of course the trick to that is knowing where to go. Any body have any good back country spots away from crowds?
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There are many wilderness areas within the State you can hike into that have good fishing. How far do you want to travel? Are you looking for a one day hike or a multiple day back packing trip?
Go down to Southern Colorado and head up into the San Juan wilderness area. For a day trip or overnight camping, I have been up the trail beginning at Platoro Reservoir. Beautiful high country lake with big Cuts.
Basically any where you must walk 4 miles or more.Most of the beer drinkin,bait dunkin crowd wont leave the parking lot.Get out the maps or lok at for ideas.Most of the lakes at 10,500ft to 12,000 ft have decent fish in them.One thing though,its a whole different style of fishing and you must take precautions against the elements.
My all time favorite when time permits. Before my wife and I had the additions we used to explore the San Juan mtns all the time. Topozone is good. We stepped up and got the state charts on disc and just love that also. Almost any lake with a name on it, and a lot that don't have those cutts you are looking for. I also heard that the DOW is starting to step up the high country stocking again. Anyone else hear anything like that?
Cameron Pass area just off Highway 14 west of Fort Collins. About a 3 hour drive from Denver. The Big South Trail is a good multiday trail where you start fishing the Poudre River for a few miles then hit Corral Creek, lots of brooky fun. The Blue Lake Trail allows you to fish high altitude lakes, Hang Lake and Blue Lake at 11,010 feet. Beautiful dense spruce forest the whole way. Be carefull of bears. I have seen a few. Oh, ya it can get a little cold. Mother nature snowed on us on the 4th of July. Check it out:
Good Luck!!!
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