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Every year Estes Park host a Trout Derby with lots of prizes. Usually the first Saturday in June.

We're always out of town as the 5th is not only my and Kara's anniversary, but also Isabella's birthday.

We entered the kids this year though

Here are some pictures from the day...

Kids ready to start!

Beautiful setting for a fishing derby

Michael's been dying to fish in a tournament. He was serious!

This spot hasn't been the same since the flood, so it was time to move

As you can see, there's tough competition! There were actually 3 guys wearing these jerseys, one's just out of the picture..

Kids caught in the new spot :smile:

In the mountains the weather can change fast. A few fish so far, but slow, so one more move..

Last spot was fast action

Stopped at the weigh in station

All the kids got ribbons and prizes. Michael was pretty proud! His name was in the paper two days later too

Awesome day in Estes Park with the family!

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