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Backtrolling with your Outboard???

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I went to Douglas Lake yesterday afternoon,no luck I got to close to the shoreline,put in the Rev.on my 5hp.Briggs & Stratton to backup in Idlespeed,and chaught a nice trout,did it for a little while longer near the Dam and between the Boatramp chaught three more trouts. My question is is it use your Outboard as a Backtrolling Motor?? or would I do some Damage to it or to the Boad??
Any adivice is welcome,thank's.

Gunter Romeo
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Doesn't hurt 'em a bit, they are made to be able to do that, especially the small ones like yours. As long as the lower unit stays full of lubricant, reverse should look about the same as forward, to your motor.
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