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so this is barely even a report, but heres my weekend

dog ponds friday night, brought my friend heather, she caught a bass, a crappie and a bunch of crawdads while me and the guys got skunked the rest of the night

worms were the ticket

i planned on hittin rma the next morning but ended up covering this girls shift who got sick, soooo, then i wanted to fly fish deckers but when i got off work the weather looked bad, sooooooooo i took my 13 year old neighbor with a me and a buddy to the dog ponds, he caught us crawdads on worms for bait, we used catfish dynamite and crawdads, tips of the rods were shakin gently from crawdads pulling on them and one time i thought i might have a fished and reeled in a fricken lobster of a crawdad that i actually hooked in the side, he was bait, then i got up to pee and i came back as my rod was being dragged into the water, by the time i grabbed it my hookset was horrible and the cat or carp got off, nothing the rest of the night

got up for work today at 8, got off a 2, went to evergreen, tons of fisherman, nothin biting, i took my vest and me and my friend walked the lake ossing every lure in our vest going for anything, didnt get a single hit, saw one musky, nobody we talked to was having luck, beautiful day though

anyway, thats my weekend, fishing sucked, ok weekend

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Atleast you got out there and was able to wet a line... I bet between work and the fishing the highlight was the fishing. :p
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