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I do make my own trolling gear for kokanees I use the flashlight blades by mack lures along with a gold wedding ring Unfortunatly you can not by a gold wedding ring at any store so you do have to go online to mack lures in levenwoth washington and order the gold boddies along with the smilely blades usally gold and silver blade and then i usally go to a local bead store and by the diamond ring part i use 8lb Stren for my leader. It is my go to lure I has out fished the green or the red ones just about where ever i have used it. I will even use the wed. lure part of it and tie it on to my main line and cast and retreive it. I was up at Lake estes fishing from shore with just the lure tipped with a crawler and caught close to 20 fish useing it that way. Oh i almost for got the important part i use either a #6 or #8 Gomakatsu red octapuss hook. If you do decide to try one out let me know how it worked fo you. Good luck :)
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