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took the new jeep into the hills with the intent of making it to rainbow lake west of hillside but after getting distracted on all the dirt roads and trails we settled in at balman res for a bit of fishing for the first half hour we couldnt keep our rods in the water mostly small rainbows 8-10" kept a couple 12 inchers. i headed up the creek a bit and found a nice pool with some riseing fish, shure wish i had had my fly rod. tossed a 1"power grub in white and caught a 10" brookie and an 8" cutthroat before moving on. went back down to the lake and work my way around no more fish on the grub. settled back down for some bait fishing caught a couple more trout as it started to rain yellow pink power bait did the best followed by them gulp nightcrawlers in the jar actualy caught a few with them and 1 on a real nightcrawler under a float all others were caught with slip sinker rigs on the bottom

the trail is pretty rough could be done in a 2 wheel drive truck but the low gears of the 4X make it a bit easyer

i guess ill have to do rainbow the next time
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