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Bang Fish Scents.......

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I was wondering if anyone uses BANG fish scents. I bought the spray bottle yesterday in the Garlic Smell.....Anyone know if this stuff works?
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I tried the Berkley line of scents for both walleye and trout, with little to no perceivable difference in success. Many fishing guides in Canada and Alaska will spray baits with WD40 and swear by it. Yes WD40, the spray lubricant you keep in the garage next to the tool box! Try it, fishing's a continual experiment anyways!
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Ive used WD40 and have to say it DOES work. Im going to make my own scent this year.

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wd40 ??? for what kind of fish? old rusty ones that noboby wants?
I use it all the time works fine. Just picked up 2 cans yesterday on sale at wally world for 2 bucks.
WD40 for steelheads? :p

I have tried WD40 on about 4 different times and didnt catch anything using it. I do believe in scents though, anything to kill the human scents are a plus. Just make sure the scent you using is suppose to smell like what your lure imitates. Dont use crawdad scent on a shad-rap, ect.
Craig N------Go to This is my favorite as it is in a tube like Chapstick only larger and has a beeswax base which means it will stay on your lure or plastics longer. E-mail me at [email protected] and I will tell you about the different flavors available and send you some to try! Bang was my scent sponsor until I discovered Basswax. The company used to be called Gambler/Bang which was Gambler plastics and spinnerbaits as well as Bang. They split apart about a year ago and I kept Gambler and dropped Bang when I discovered Basswax. I loved Bang and the Anise scent worked great for me, but it did not last as long and I was going through a case of 12 cans every few weeks. A stick of Basswax will last me for 2 months fishing everyday and it only cost $5 or $6 bucks.
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