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I'll answer my own question from a lil while ago about barker:

no, the spawn hasn't started.
someone talked the hippies into taking a bath and the water is way way way down. I found a free kasty and a free panther martin and a few drop shot weights.

the little anchovies are still all over but seem less interested in being caught, I guess the dumb ones had enough. seems like a few pelicans could grow fat and happy there.

caught a 8"rainbow right off the bat, it went back. looked like a war vet with one eye hanging out and hook wounds all over its mouth.

ended up with a 12" rainbow and 12" koke for lunch. had a much bigger rainbow wrap the line around a submerged tree and break it off after a long long fight. had 2 more 12" or so rainbows jump the hook, most were hitting but not biting so they were hooked outside the mouth.

the BBQ dude at the start of Ned on 119 was closed for the day - this was probably the second biggest annoyance, the first being the dude down shore who caught 8 kokes.

lovely day overall.
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