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Bass Lake Wheatridge

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Fished bass lake with the wife and kids tonight. It is located on Youngsfield Rd of I-70 close to the Wal-mart. We caught 20 or so bluegils and 4 bass. Most were smaller than your hand but fun to catch. The fish were caought on tiny ice fishing jigs under a bobber. There are 4 or five lakes connected in a row only fished 2.
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I've caught gargantua crappie there last year, but now they seem to have dissapeared. I'm not surprised though cause I didn't catch many. The most I caught out of there was like maybe 5 or 6.

12 to 13 inch crappie from there aint bad at all though. Surprised the hell out of me. Only thing is.. I was actually just there to just kill time after work before the sun went down. Never have fished the ponds thoroughly as I would other waters. Went there during the beginning of last month just to fart around and was skunked. Maybe they're still there? But the fact that they're like, in the city and the trash I found laying around kinda turned me away from there.

I dunno.. Try mini red and yellow crappie jigs about 1 to 1 and half feet below a bobber. You might hook into one of those large crappies.
Pescadorutah --- Nice report, Thanks  ;)  I may actually be going to Wheatridge on Monday, so I may check those out. They're the Prospect Park Lakes right?
1eyered --- Thanks for the tip.
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