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well just saw this flyer

neegrande res. bass tourney sat.june 3rd
entry dead line time is may 30th
50 team limit 2 person team (2person/boat)
entry fee is $60/ team

1 place 600$
2 place 500$
3 place 400$
4 place 300$
5 place 200$
largest bass 100$
largest cat 50$
largest walleye 50$
you clean and keep your fish

Rod Norvell 719-749-0471
cell 719-339-6907

Charlie Norvell 719-336-3623
cell 719-650-4204

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you know i checked the spelling on this place and the sister lakes
do you know the phone book and colorado fishing 2006 have it spelled

i asked a few people what they thought about it around here and i was
told that its neenoshe and neegronda and neesopah and neeskah
reservoirs just one work each no break in the words

but who knows ;D ;D ;D im just happy we have watter

are you afraid of the locals slayerfish come on somebody here
has to step up and try to win this come on

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i didnt think any one was correcting me i just wanted to post the names
because i have seen people spell it a few different ways

including the people holding the fishing tourney

just letting people know  ;D    ;D

just some information

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well we live in s.e. colorado there is no water so if you dont eat these fish
they will die any way

most people dont realize how low most of our lakes are right now
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