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This is the finals for that BASSMASTERS CASTING KIDS EVENT, should be fun to watch take the microdudes out to and see if they think they could have done better.

Casting Kids will be held at Southern Colorado Boat Show, (Southern Colorado Expo) 1801 North Union, Colo Springs, Co. on March 4-5-6, 2005. Friday, March 4, Noon to 9pm, Pikes Peak Bassmasters; Saturday, March 5, 10am to 3pm, Bassin the Rockies; 3pm to 9pm Denver Bassmasters; Sunday, March 6, 10am to 5pm, State Team Members; Open completion 10am to 1pm; State Finals: 1pm to 2pm registration, 2pm State Finals.

Notify Chad Pillips, 13441 Jackson Dr, Thornton, Co 80241, :(H) # 303-453-0407; E-mail; [email protected] of the kids coming to the finals and each club notify the kids and tell them where to be and what time to be there.
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