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Had a tough time battling the wind up at Sweetwater recently with the GF. Tough thing was that we got there and the lake was a mirror with no wind at all. As soon as we got the kayak unstrapped and my pontoon blown up, it picked up when that happens lol.

GF tried bank fishing for a bit, and I stayed in here general area...After being blown around non stop for about 30 minutes, I decided to hit the other end of the Lake. Luckily the trolling motor was a big help battling the wind to get over there. Wind was a lot calmer on the other side and we hit the creek mouth and found some really active trout! My GF gutted it out and took her little kayak against the wind to get over to me as well, almost flipped a few times getting back but she was ok lol.

Fun day of compromise but still landed a solid handful of fish before a storm ended our day. Hope you enjoy the video, if not enjoy the write up and the pictures :D



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