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Bear Creek

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I got to fish a friends private stretch of Bear Creek yesterday afternoon and evening. Had the whole 200 yard stretch to my self :D I caught so many small browns I lost track, but most were only 8-10" All I used was a #14 Beadhead Prince nymph.

After dinner I walked down to a decent hole that was deep and shaded. I fished the pool for about an hour till the sun went down with A yozuri Pins minnow and caught another small fish and a decent Bow that was about 16". They were small fish in a small stream, but it was alot of fun!

I may try Cherry Creek tonight?
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Sounds like about everyone is getting good numbers right now. I'm having trouble, having hit the slow time of year getting only 15 and 12 in my last two trips. Always good to see a small creek fishing well after the drought, I lost many good fisheries around me thanks to it! :'(
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