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I went out west to see if I could find some brown trout yesterday. While I did not find any browns, I caught back to back personal best rainbows. The weather was excellent and fishing was good. I did not have any luck on the fly rod (note: I am terrible at fly fishing) so I pulled out the spinning gear and the fish aggressively attacked my lure. After the first big fish, I had to sit and calm myself as I was shaking. It was the biggest trout I have ever caught. About 20 minutes later, I waded across the river, and hooked up with the second one. It was not quite as long, maybe an inch or two shorter, but very, very thick. Both fish caught on a HD Trout from Dynamic Lures. While I could not hook up with flies, the fish really went after the little jerk bait. Lots of strikes, follows, and hookups. Obviously, it was a great day. It clouded up a bit around noon, and the bite slowed down as well.

Beautiful day

First big one

Second big trout

The river and fall colors

I will go back west again next week to see if I can find those elusive browns.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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