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I took some friends ice fishing for the first time sunday. Got up there late about 9:30am. It was windy all day. Not super cold but windy. It started to snow and get really windy about 1:00pm so we had to go. Fishing was terrible. I was pulling fish up only every minute not every 10 seconds like previous trips. ;) Still it was fun to get my friends on to some fish.

My friend swears he saltwaterfished in Florida but he wont touch a trout? HA HA

My girlfriend with one of her many. She'll touch them!

Usual bellaire stocker.

I was exicted when i got this guy. 16 inches!

Some more pics for the heck of it.

A shot of the lake.

OOPS! I messed up again. That isn't Bellaire. We were at um, um, Dowdy. Yeah Dowdy.

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