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Belly Boating Valco Ponds

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I know there was a question about Float tubes allowed on Valco Ponds with the regulations saying one thing and the State Parks website saying another.. This is the response I got from the DOW:
Hi Rick,
Colorado State Parks assumed management responsibilities for Valco Ponds as of Jan 1. So?.the rules have changed. You can now use ?belly boats? on the 3 western ponds. Our regulation brochure will be updated sometime next summer for distribution next year. I?ll see what I can do to correct the brochure. If you have any other questions or need more information regarding Valco Ponds, State Parks number in Pueblo is (719) 561-9320. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!!
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ePic-I called the number on your post and talked to Dennis at Pueblo State Parks. He said its OK to use a belly boat but not any other type of flotation devise-no kayaks, no hand carried boats, no pontoon boats, nada. I asked why no kayaks (thats what I have) and he really didn't have an answer-just said it is belly boats only. He did say the rules allowing different types of flotation devises may change in the future to allow more types. Oh well.
Seems weird to me... maybe they scared you fall out of your kayak when that 10lb Largemouth grabs your senko.
so float tubes only no pontoons? a lot of folks might not see the diff.
roadkill said:
so float tubes only no pontoons? a lot of folks might not see the diff.
The State Park regulation says float tubes or Belly boats only... But you can use the pontoon on the river, this time of year you will probably land more fish that way. This also depends on the flow too, but there are some nice spots in this area.
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