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I had some luck there last week...size 9 and 11 Rapalas in both floating and suspending...Rainbow and Firetiger...I have caught walleyes in the first half had slowed a little last week when I went because they werent running as much water out and it had dropped about a foot and a half...but run off is starting and maybe they started it up again...the more it is raging the better it seems...make sure you reel them all the way back...after it got dark a majority of the strikes came as lifting the lure out of the water...I got smart towards the end and let it sit for a second...caught a couple that way...jigs are a good way to go too...although my jig fish skills need help...thankfully I think John at the Aurora Gander Mountain has given me some really good I am eager to try them out...if I were you I would get my butt out to Aurora and throw that Clouser Minnow at the wipers before they dissapear to the depths...with your skills at Union you might do well...I think you would...approach it like you fishing for spooky spring creek trout...make sure you have plenty of backing on your fly rod...
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