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berkley power worm

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Have any of you tried the berkley power worm 3 inch long. I have used them in texas at fish stockings for rainbows. They outfish the dough power baits 4 to 1 for me. Chartreuse , pink or orange are awesome. Put one on small hook with a few splitshot a foot up. Also had great results using a bobber. Havnt seen anyone using them in colorado the last 2 summers using them. Many more are using them in texas now.At Georgetown lake I did great with them as well as other ponds.
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Thanks. I'll have to try em during my stocker trout season.
I saw a little kid walk up to a pond 2 years ago with the charteeuse worm and slay em when noone else could get a bite. I think it was just being different look to the fish. You can let it sit or slightly mive the worm after a few minutes and get fish on. Cheers
Sounds like a great idea.The nymphs also work like that during nymph season
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