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Best Bassin' Months/Time of Day

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I'm a newbie bass flyfisherman (ff'ing for trout for many years).

When's the best months for bass?

Best time of day? Early and late?

Is August and September good for bass?

Determined by water temps?

Do topwater lures/flies, etc work well this time of year?

Ask me about trout in the mountain streams and I'll talk your head off. Bass, that's a whooooolllle different story! :)
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I like fishing topwater for bass, weither with a fly or a lure. I like to hit the lake before the sun comes up just as its getting light out. I'll use buzz baits or frog lures, and work areas close to cover. With flies I throw big poppers, frog colored or yellow strip them fast and pause occasionally. You might not want to pause as it can cause the bass to miss because you are messing with their timing.
Right before Dusk and threw dusk using the same methods is another time I like to bass fish. I like bass fishing during other times but these 2 are my favorites, and I use different techniques during the day.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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