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Hi all. I have never run a leader (other then steel for the big guys) and think I will try it out this year. When trolling cranks, what's the best method to do this? My thought was to tie on a barrel swivel to my main line (mono) and from the other side, run fireline or something to my crank. Any suggestions?

Hey Keller-

Are you sure you want to use a leader? If your main line is mono anyway, do you want to introduce two extra knots (potential weak points) to tie on a swivel to tie on leader material??  The main uses for a leader are (1) to make the line attached to the lure less visible (like a fluorocarbon leader attached to a braided main line) or (2) to attach a leader that a toothy fish can't easily bite through (usually steel/titanium).

If I'm using mono as my main line, I don't use a leader (unless it's steel/titanium for pike or muskies).  I only tie on a leader (fluorocarbon, not mono)  if I'm using a non-mono main line like Fireline. Then I don't use a swivel. I tie them together with what is known as a double uni-knot or a back-to-back uni-knot. Here is a link to a diagram for that knot as well as links to 2 websites with good knot instructions.

Hope this helps.

Don In Denver
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