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I really do like Cherry Creek (not as much as slayer though :), but it just hasn't been a solid season out there so far. So I went to another Metro puddle, and found some fish. Got there about 3:30, fished till 7:00. Caught 2 walleyes (19in. & 15in.) & 2 trout. Depth ranged between 33ft. & 17ft. Caught the keeper @ 29.5 ft @ 4:45 , and the other one @ 23ft @ 6:15.
All fish caught on the blade tonight.

Small slimmers have really been around this year!

Keeper eye.

Last fish of the night

Missed 2 other hits, really nice night out! Ice looked A LOT better than that @ the Crack too.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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