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does anyone know of any ponds or lakes where 5lb plus largemouths lurk . ive done the arsenal thing and its getting old dealing with all the people . ive caught some large fish at quincy and off 144th i think its mckay res . anyone know of any lakes or preferable ponds that arent super packed that have 5 -10lbs potential my biggest ever is 7 and i would like to break that this year
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pueblo res comes to mind.and believe it or not some monster bass lurk in aurora res.
what ive learned at aurora res is this.USE LIVE SHINERS BIG ONES,THE BIGGEST ONES YOU CAN FIND.go way in the back of lonetree,we caught some big bass back there last year.not sure bout this year but things rarely change on things like that.problem is its a hell of a walk back there lugging all your gear.
There are a lot of big bass in Pella Crossing. There are also quite a few big bass in Prospect Ponds (Fort Collins) and Frank Easement Ponds (Windsor), though you'll have to battle through the smaller ones at both places. In years past, Frank Easement was excellent for big bass on topwaters during the summer. I would catch a lot of three-plus pound bass on Torpedos, Poppers and Zara Spooks.

Also Riverside Park Pond in Evans used to have some monster bass, with 8-pounders occasionally caught and rumors of record-breakers. About 7 or 8 years ago I used to fish the pond regularly and would have no problem landing 2-4 pound bass in great numbers, eventhouh I was just learning the ropes in terms of bass fishing. But that pond has basically detriorted into a swamp in recent years, so I'm not sure if big bass still exist there.

Also Carter Lake near Loveland is suppose to have largemouths capable of breaking the state record. Try either of the two coves on the backside corners of the Lake. I've caught bass over three pounds in the couple times I've fished Carter for bass but have seen bass bigger than five pounds.

I've also heard of big bass existing at Lonetree and Lon Hagler (both in Loveland), and I know that Boyd (also in Loveland) has some real big bass up to 7 lbs.

Also, last week's fishing report said that 10-pounders can be caught at Cherry Creek. Anyone ever heard of bass that big being seen or caught out of Cherry Creek?

I read a post here a couple months ago talking about some ponds that are suppose to have state-record size bass that are opening near metro Denver this summer. Anyone have any updated info on these ponds?
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topwater bass fishing when there is a good bite on is hard to beat . i have more luck on walkin the dog with a red and white zara spook then anything else do you fish those torpedos ? do you just rip then in with pauses or ?
rip rip pause, rip pause has always been my best but i think the fish were very aggressive at the time.

Great run down man!!! Going back to what you were saying about Cherry Creek; Ive heard that is really an up-and-coming bass lake. Alot of big Bass were caught in the nets during the walleye spawn. I also heard about the 10#'er some lady caught out there last month. Man I hope she threw it back(Ya right)

Also, I wouldn't look past Quincy. While ive never got anything over 5#'s I did manage a fish that was pushing 20in last Saturday. There are some healty fish in there.

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