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Before I left for NC I posted a question on Circle hook tactics. Thanks to everyone who shared info!!!!!!

I wasn't surprised how well they worked on the stripers because all the guides at Smith Mountain use them! But my brother in law was amazed at how much better they hook fish than his standard baitholders! Needless to say he is totally rerigging.

Donald helped me select some circle hooks to take for catfish at his store. Every evening I would gather some good music and lots of adult beverages and head for our dock. I would free line a couple of rods with a circle hook and a live Alewife. When I would come back to the dock there were alot of times fish hooked and swimming around. I caught 20 catfish between 2-10 lbs and a bunch of white bass. One evening I put out a couple of live bluegills to see if I could catch a flathead? When I came back to the dock after dark one on the rods was doubled over and a fish was lazily swimming around under the dock. I tried to lift him up off the bottom but I couldn't. He finally made a short run and some how pulled out the hook? That was the only hooked fish I lost on a circle hook the whole week!
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