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big fish

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whats the biggest fish youve caught in colorado
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32 inch carp from a small lake in Boulder.
24" rainbow in watson
Around 25" brown trout from Gunnison, Black Canyon, and another from the Rio Grande near Del Norte.
25" brown outta the rio grande near creede
I've got 2 36" fish to my credit:36" pike from the yampa 14 or 15 lbs and 36" brown from gunnison river gorge 17 lbs . I am going to be at the gunnison river gorge fishing 10 hours from now. I can't wait! I hope I can top the brown but I doubt it. Then you have my "monster" 24" laker :D
TroutFishingBear said:
36" brown from gunnison river gorge 17 lbs
With that, you shouldn't be envious of anything!! Hot diggity dawg, that's a huge brown! :eek:
5.5lbs trout / 11-mile
6.75lbs Bass / Barbour Ponds
10.5lbs Walleye / Cherry Creek

5lb Grass Carp
2 inch minnow from fountain creek
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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