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Nice work. We're heading up in a few hours for another overnighter.
I'm going to fish the same area you were in.

I share your sentiments, IMO ounce for ounce nothing beats the fighting wiper (freshwater fish that is). I was fishing with 17 lb test fireline last week and started experienceing line breaks at about two a.m. before having to peel of 15 ft of frayed line and cutting it; wipers are brutal on terminal tackel. Yes the key is to set your drag as light as possible. We had one or two people chase their rods into the lake, because they forgot to adjust the drag.

Were you able to drive right up to the water in the area you were fishing, and how possible is it to get bogged down in the sand near the dam?

Maybe someone will get lucky tonight and hook into anything over 10lbs.

Thanks for the report and the awsome pics.

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