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Big Macks?

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Has anyone caught any big lake trout this ice fishing season? If so what lake did you catch it in and what did you use for bait. Not looking for anyone to divulge any honey holes just wondering how the lake trout fishing has been this year other than the average 16 plus inchers out of green mtn. and granby.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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my biggest laker this season is a "whopper" at either 18 or 19" I forget. Last year I caught a "lunker" at 24" that was the 2nd biggest laker I've ever seen anyone catch in 8 or so years of fishing for them. You are hard pressed to catch a big laker in colorado anymore, they just really aren't there.
Blue mesa is still your best chance, and then probably ruedi. I can catch a ton of lakers about anywhere but size just really isn't there anymore. It's a shame :-\
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