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Started the day hoping to try icing Mary's up by Estes. Finding open water there, gave Lily Lake a try, as the wind was getting crazy. Drilled a ton of holes all over the place, but couldn't find more than 5 feet of water, and never saw a fish. The wind knocked me on my butt while when I made a quick move to grab my pole and ladel as they took off across the lake, so I decided to quit that. Just as I stepped off the lake, it sent me on my way with an 80mph blast. Haven't seen wind like that in a very long time.

Got to the dam below Estes about noon as the wind was blowing waves of water over the top. Caught a 16 inch brown every hour or so, then finished off with a nice one about two feet long. All were caught on spoons in or near the big pool right at the foot of the dam. Are there supposed to be walleye in there?
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