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Sure you guys are sick of seeing reports from this locale, but I do have some new info to add. Midges produced OK, but the golden stone nymph was DEADLY. Fishing it at the end of a riffle, just as it dumps into a deep pool was the key. Perty damn cold, let me rephrase, VERY cold. And naturally, windy. But picked up some nice fish. Think I will head up on Sunday again with a box full of golden stonys.

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there was some rising fish but they wouldent take my blue wing olive,
What they were rising to koke, were midge adults. I use a #20 or 22 disco midge with killer results, even as big as an 18. Just pop into any flyshop and ask them for a number 12 or 14 golden stone nymph. Drop a tiny blood midge off the back.
Pick up some discos and head up there.

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Alright nogooddrtytroutbum I'll try my best.

1. Open a new internet window
2. Go to
3. Click on the Browse button
4. Find your pic on your computer and click on it
5. Click on the host button
6. Wait for the page to load. This will host your pic and you should see your pic on the bottom of the screen
7. Next to your pic should be several lines with internet address looking codes in them
8. Highlight everything in the "IMG" line.
9. Right click on it and click copy
10. Now start a post. For example:

I caught this bad boy on the poudre last year. BLAH BLAH BLAH

I usually enter down one line. Then right click and click paste. It will paste what is in the IMG line on tiny pic.

That's all there is if you want to do more pics just repeat these steps. It's really easy once you figure it out. I don't really understand the whole "picture hosting site" thing but it works so if you have any ?????? let me know.

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I'm anxious to get back up to the Big T. I had no idea it was open enough to fish. Is there much ice over the pools now or are you just fishing the open spots. Appreciate the info on fly patterns to use, never tried big stoneflies this time of year.
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