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Big Thompson Ponds 8/20

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Fished the back lake from about 10:00am till 2:00. Tried for cats with worms, no luck. Tried for some bass with tubes, senkos, and some crawdad cranks, nothing. I decided it was time to bang with the gills, and suns! I haven't done all that great this summer and was not going to leave without some action. Nonstop action on them guys!

All in all it was great being out, and the ponds were really peaceful. I only saw 2-3 cars when I got there, and when I left there was only 1 car (and mine).
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I was up there this morning also there around 5 am....we ended up keeping 3 cats but I hooked onto a huge one using cutbait but those big cats seem to know right where to go to get you snagged ...I need to catch at least one big cat this year the biggest ive been able to land is 5 or 6 lbs
Captain Treblehook, next time you might want to catch some gills first and use them for cutbait see if you can land some nice cats.
captain if you want to get onto bass this time of year for the most part your gonna have to get to the lake before the sun comes up and fish until about 9 is when it usually slows down for me ......or obviously fish later until the sun goes down.....there are some really nice bass in that back pond but its kinda a right place at the right time kinda deal ....but they are in there .....also if you get tired of catching little bluegill and want to fun in the heat of the day bring some bread ball it up on a hook toss it out and wait for a carp ...they are all over the back pond easy to catch and fight hard ...
Good looking out guys! Some good info ePIC and fishinguitars. I've seen them carp back there, and even had one take my pole a few years back. My friend next to me thought he had a bite but it was my pole (got it back). :p Also caught a nice LM in the 2nd pond from the back 2 years ago, 17.5" released. Next time I'm out there I'll have to try out that bluegill cutbait, and the bread balls.

Normaly I'd of been up there around sun up, but my girlfriend dosen't like to get up early. She wanted to go out with me to the ponds.

fishfreak, I'll PM you if I head up that way.
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