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Heading up to BT on Friday, haven't been up there for a while. With the cold spell, was wondering if anyone has fished it in last few days and how is the ice, if any. Thanks. Would probably be up in catch and release area below the damn. O0

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Fished it Monday in below freezing weather and didn't catch a thing. Still fun though  ;D (went to the lake after just to get my dignity back  :-[ ) Anyway, you're good to go for a few miles down the canyon. Even after that you can still find alot of fishable areas.

I started out a couple miles down. Saw a bunch of fish. Missed a hit, and had two rush up, but change their mind at the last secound (I was using lures).  :mad:   Then went up by the dam (well, just past the bridge by the parking area). Only saw one fish.

A buddy of mine at the Mt. Shop said he did well above the lake on Friday (fly fishing w/ some sort of royal humpy {?} w/ a small red trailer). The inlet to the lake is iced though. 

Good Luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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