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Had a great afternoon the other day on the Big T. The flow was real low without any sighns of runnoff yet. I was able to catch about eight browns in a matter of one hour while only fishing a one hundred yard section of the river. I can't exactly tell where I was fishing because these fish seem to be a lot more fragile than their higher and colder bretheren. I was fishing in the lowlands throwing ultra small hardware i.e. spinners and spoons, and also small natural colored tubes and Rapalas. One of the fish was 16 inces, one was 12, and the rest were 6 to 8.
One last note : Please BE CAREFULL with the lowerland trout. The water is warmer, less oxygenated, and definately more contaminated with higher levels of toxins. The fish are healthy but are less apt for revival. Play them fast, keep them in the water, limit handling, and get them back fast.
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