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Black Mercury 85 HP TRADE OR SELL

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It is a 1973 Mercury (Phantom Black) Serial Number 3739993. Comes with controls for throttle and trim. It ran fine before I garaged it 3 years ago to fix the boat and haven't tried it since.
Will trade Jon boat 12-14' with troller and trailer.
Call 720-979-7539 to see it in person. Will E-mail you pictures.
Motor is on the boat (72 Caravelle Tri-Hull)...Will sell that too, look for a future posting for the boat..Make offer on Motor....
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does it have electric tilt? does it have all teh controls?
would you trade for a late 80's model 50 horse Mercury Force 2 cycle? with electric trim adn all the controls. the only thing wrong wtih this motor is it smokes a lot when idling but it still runs great. the rest fo the time this motor runs perfect. no problems any other time.
I believe it does. It has the controls for it all. Throttle, Trim etc...I inherited the boat/motor so not really sure about it. Not sure about the trade....Looking more for he small boat but I will keep it in mind.
What do you have in mind when you say small aluminum boat? Info like length, motor size (if you want a motor on it). Do you want it to be like a jon boat or a fancy bass boat? Also how much would you be asking for the motor if you did decide to do the cash?
Looking for a Jon boat or a little recreational polyurethene (2 seater)  (12'-14') with trailer. I also would like a little trolling motor.
I would like to get $1100 for the motor. I called a few of the marine places around here; an 85 HP with electric trim in good condition brings $1200-1500 retail.
Anyone make an offer. I am going to place it in the paper and on Ebay this weekend.
Could you email me some pictures? [email protected] (Or even better would be posting them here)
do you know the weight of the motor?
I have no clue. Couldn't even guess. I have never had it off the boat.
Anyone still looking for a nice motor. :eek:
i am looking for one, but not knowing or having it run, its a little pricey.
Hmm, I tought it was too but after many phone calls to marinas and looking elsware it may be. I think I am going to keep it now that I have my boat painted and should be ready to go before too long. I just spend around a thousand getting the boat ready to fish and was looking to unload the big motor. It's a 15' Tri-Haul and with the 85hp motor it is a little big....Anyway thanks for the info.
do you have any photos of th boat now that it is finished? I am getting ready to redo min and and am always looking for ideas!
I will try to take some. I got the paint at Auto Paint Supply Co on Washington St all polyurethene. Primer, paint and clearcoat. I also got some silver metallic. I would suggest for a 14-16' 1 qt primer,2 qts paint and 2 qts clearcoat. We ran out of clear coat and should have put 3-4 coats on it; got 2 coats. It wasn't too bad to do but must prep prep and more prep. I got the gun at Harbor Freight for under $20.00 and it worked great. I also have a gallon of Jack Tar bottom paint left that I am going to sell. Its white.
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