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I have a Water Skeeter pontoon boat/float tube. If you aren't familiar with the Skeeter, it has two inflatable pontoons and a traditional "U" shape bladder which mounts on the pontoons. Several years ago, the "U" shape bladder developed a leak which I was not able to repair. I went to Discount Fishing Tackle on south Santa Fe and found a used bladder that worked beautifully. The only difference in the original and the used bladder is the valve system but that was not a problem.

During my move to Arizona, two years ago, the used bladder disappeared into the twilight zone. I am looking for another bladder. Here's the deal.

If anyone has a "U" shape bladder for sale at a really decent price, I will consider buying if you are selling. A friend, who lives in Thornton, may be coming to do some fishing/camping with me in November at some lakes in the White Mountains in eastern Arizona. Perhaps we can make a deal where he meets a seller, pays for the bladder then takes possession. He can deliver it in November.

I have since replaced the Skeeter with a non-inflatable pontoon boat. I want to bring the Skeeter up to snuff in case I want to use it or sell it.

Does anyone have a bladder of this type for sale?

Contact me, Jim, at 303-910-9536. I receive a lot of scam calls from area code 303 so if I don't answer, leave a message.
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