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Bleeding Fishhooks, Fact or Hype?

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Every article I seem to read tells me that I should be using bleeding hooks. Has anyone used them with any success? I have tried them but they don't seem to make much difference. Maybe I am using the wrong technique? What about other colors than red? I have seen yellow and chartreuse.

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I've got a Rapala suspending crank with the red treble hooks. Haven't used it yet, but wonder if it will make any difference.

Truthfully, I just bought it because it looked cool and the new color patterns along with texture seems convincing.
Dan said:
I got a tackle box full of stuff that looks cool to me.  Unfortunately the fish don't seem to agree.  Lucky I am not a fish, I would bite on a spinning propeller, because it "looks cool".

Hehe.. I know. When I shop for lures, I usually pick something that I'd eat if I were a fish. I'd probably be a stupid one too. Man, if I was really a fish, I'd be past the plate through the digestion and down into the waste management plant already!

jeremycallahan said:
I have always wondered about the red hooks.  If you read the explination behind the cajun red fishing line, they say that red dissapears in 3 ft of water, so what about red hooks?
Good Point!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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