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Fished from shore near the dam dam, almost 80 degrees but a nice breeze.
Fished 10am - 2pm 6 guys = 12 fish, four of those were browns, some guys got skunked but not me, my best was 16 and a half inches, but a nice fat brown for frying pan. Caught on worms and green powerbait, we used lures and 1 guy had sucker meat on for a lost laker, but no luck(water was a bit murky). I went swimming at about 1pm--great--two balls up--definately recommended. Boat guys were not stopping in our area to reel in fish, they seemed to be using the 5-spoon and worm set-up.
On a side note, a volunteer from NPS took a survey and measured our fish for an information gatering project. I took this exact same quiz when I was in Mass fishing cape cod national seashore. Anybody else take this questionaire???
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