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After chores around the house decided to take a run up to Blue Mesa to see how the ice is doing. Didn't get on the ice until 1 pm and then fished till 4 pm. Just a couple of bites with nothing taken home. Air Temperature was 9 degrees at 1 pm. Pretty much stayed that way all afternoon.

Ice is solid 12 inches to about 100 - 150 yards west of the Lake City Bridge. The ice appears to go out another 300 yards or so but it was snow covered so not sure how solid or safe it is. Nobody went past where the snow started on the ice. Several parties spread out on both sides of the bridge but didn't see anyone having much success. Around the rest of the lake there isn't much shore ice except for a couple of coves around Elk Creek Marina but they don't look safe at all. Give it another week with these temperatures and the ice should be forming up nicely.
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