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Drove by Blue Mesa on Thursday. There is ice on both sides of Lake City Bridge now. Ice goes out about 300 yards West of the Bridge but not sure how solid it is. Saw some folks ice fishing on the east side of the bridge. Really hoping for a long hard winter for selfish purposes.

Mid October I had a stroke and ended up doing a three hospital tour, Montrose, St Mary's in Grand Junction and then a week in Colorado University Hospital in Aurora. Along with the stroke they found I had heart issues as well. Ended up with a stent placed in my heart in Denver. That said, I have to take a bit of care for the next little while. I am really hoping that by early Spring there will still be enough ice over here on the western slope that I can break out the ice gear and get a bit of fishing in. So for a while I am going to have to live vicariously through all your fishing reports.
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