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Seeing as how zman didn't make it to Blue Mesa due to car issues I guess I will have to post a report.

Hadn't planned on fishing today but circumstances worked out that I had the day free. Left Montrose around 10 am and was on Blue Mesa at 11 am. Fished Elk Creek Marina area. The new ION ice auger is a champ. The Showdown 5.6 fish finder not so much. Got the holes drilled and then found that the fish finder won't read squat. Not sure what the problem is. Half the time reads the bottom digitally and half the time not. Will not show the lure nor any fish on the screen. Played with connections, switches, and even crossed my fingers and eyes but no luck. Works in Simu mode but that does zilch for finding real fish.

Anyway, rather than turning around I settled in and proceeded to fish from 11 to 3. Slow due to just jigging tube jig tipped with mealies on the bottom. Did catch one nice brown around 11:30 and then only a few taps till 3 when the fish started hitting one afer another. Caught three nice browns from 3 to 3:15 all in 55 feet of water.

Last week I had problems with the Showdown but I thought it was just a battery issue so purchased a new one in GJ. Turns out there must be some other issue so I'll be calling Marcum on Monday and see if they have any ideas or will take it back and do some repair.

Fish finder or no fish finder it was still a nice day on the ice. Not as many folks as I expected but then perhaps they were up in Iola area or near the Lake City bridge. From the middle bridge (for those of you familiar with the lake) east to the Wind surfing area it is all open water. West to Sapinaro is is open water for about 1/4 to 1/2 mile. Saw several folks out in Sapinaro probably looking for lakers. Even saw one brave soul near the middle bridge in a pontoon paddleing around. Bet his bottom is a bit cold.
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