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anybody have links to the 2 spring time tourneys on Blue mesa? the Kawasis and Monarch search and rescue....thanks

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Might as well post the ones I know about out here.  I am thinking of fishing at least one, maybe both.  Lets see, this year it will be 3 bass tournaments, one/two trout tournaments, 5 walleye tournaments and one multispecies my wife is understanding....... or really wants me out of the house.

Kiwanis Club of Gunnison, May 6 and 7.  Questions call Carl at 970-641-9023

Monarch Pass Search and Rescue, Blue Mesa Lake Fishing Tournament.  May 20 & 21.  Questions call JoAnn at 970-641-2663

Fishing for these browns is alot like bass fishing, casting stick baits to the shoreline and flipping jig/pig and tubes.... fun!
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