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Blue Mesa

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I fished Blue Mesa this Wed. and Fri., at the very beginning of it - near the bridge to the Lake city. I was surprised to see that while the ice was rather thick near the bridge, most of the reservoir downstream is still open water. Fishing was good, caught the rainbow limit within an hour - only rainbows, however. Not clear where is the perch? Maybe need to wait for the rest to ice over.
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Did ya see any Kokes? Thats usually a good spot for them.
No, I did not see any kokes. Only rainbows, as soon as the jig reached the bottom. Good size.
About how big were the rainbows?
The perch at blue mesa are hard to find I've heard. I'm probably fishing there this weekend for lakers in the morning, then trout, perch, kokanee whatever as it gets a bit later. How was the ice around sapenero? How was it around the Dillon Pinacles?
Thanks in advance for any info.
There is no ice in Sapinero, or at Dillon Pinacles (isn't dillon pinacles near the middle bridge?) The ice only extends a little ways past Elk Creek. There is no ice in Cebolla either. Iola to Elk Creek has a lid.
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