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I have only done it once so take this advice for what it's worth but we did catch a few. I forgot where we were but look for the crowds of boats. Then put on a 4 inch chartruse green tube with a 1 0z weight. Use fire line cause you will need the no stretch. Use you fish finder and find water that is 20 to 30 feet deep. Get up front on you rboat and use your trolling motor. Drop you tube down to the bottom and drag it along the bottom every once in a while lifting or jigging it and move constantly with your trolling motor. You can tip the tube with sucker meat if you want. Hope this helps.

look for the crowds of boats
All it takes is one boat catching one fish, and it doesn't have to be big, and you have a crowd of boats. Please, no offense, but I really hate that method of fishing. All the good Mack lakes are plenty big enough to find fish in dozens of areas. I get really irratated when people start following my boat around, that's when I start exploring and discovering new spots away from the crowds.

I'm looking for hints on catching the big macs. Where on the lake is best , how deep to fish, what time of day and kind and how to rig bait? 
What lake, what time of year, what type of gear do you have?
I like to troll for numbers and jig for size. If you want a lesson in Lakers, go out for a day with Bernie Keefe of Broken Antler outfitters. He'll teach you plenty! Your questions don't have a simple answer. Alot of mack fishermen are pretty tight lipped about their techniques.  
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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