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Bluegill on the fly

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I live in Ft. Collins and have fished several ponds around that area. Does anyone know of any fishing holes in my neck of the woods that have some larger bluegill? All the ponds I have fished so far are packed with tiny ones and only a few bulls..... Ive heard Frank Easement Ponds in Windsor produces some nice this true?
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I know three places with bulls over on the west slope, including some monsters. Jerry creek reservoirs have bluegills in the 1 - 4 pound range that will test any tackle and are an absolute blast on a fly rod. Harvey Gap Reservoir has some bulls too, but they average about 7" instead of over a pound. Elkhead Reservoir has bigger gills too, but it's being partially drained and won't be fishable for another few years. Other lakes with a few bulls over here include Highline Lake and Rio Blanco lake.
As for what to use for bluegill flies, I have found that smaller pistol petes work really well. For surface gills, larger caddis patterns and of course poppers really seem to be almost like crack on a hook to them.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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