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My last fishing trip was to Spinney a week ago today.
Arrived at 11 Mile today at 6 am.
Inspector looks at my inspection paper from Spinney the previous week and says there's a problem. I never have problems with inspections I'm thinking.
He informs me as of Sunday all boats from Spinney have to be decontaminated before launching at 11 Mile. Then he tells me I can't get decontaminated until 7 am because no one is there to do it.
I went to Spinney.

When I got home I called the 11 mile office and got no where for an answer.
Found the ANS Supervisors number on the CPW web site.

Called him to confirm this. He answered his phone on his day off. Nice guy.
He confirmed there is a plant species in Spinney (Brazilian something).
If you go to another lake from Spinney that does not have this plant you must be deconed before launching.
He said the CPW web site has the info n what lakes have this plant.
I didn't look at the CPW web site about it.

I mentioned that Spinney and 11 mile are a mile apart on the same river.
He said they don't want boats transporting the plant to 11 Mile.
It will get there from the river sooner or later IMO.

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Stinks about the hassle but glad you didn't let it stop you from getting on the water. Hopefully you were rewarded with a bountiful catch.

The good thing about plants, they can't swim so that might be why the CPW isn't concerned with the connected waterway....

Hitchhike, yes. Swim, no....seems reasonable
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