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I always use the big red and white bobbers, but have seen people using other types. Is there an advantage to the other types?

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Bobbers are wonderful! I grew up using red and white plastic bobbers from the size of a dime up the the size of large plum. They are indespensible. Sometimes I know the depth I want to fish and place a regular set depth bobber on the line. Other times I want to experiment and put on a slip bobber. I usually keep one rod rigged in my boat with a slip bobber combination. I use fixed bobbers to quickly add a bobber to line. Slip bobbers can be time consuming and I don't want to be setting up a line when I discover a school of perch or crappie. The style of bobber I use most frequently is a pencil type, Ihave not used a round plastic bobber in years. Give me something made mostly out of wood.

I also rig several of my ice fishing lines with bobbers. I use tiny ones and just enough split shot to almost sink it. You get one of those gentle winter hits and it slides under without any resistance and you set the hood and "Fish On"!

I love bobbers.................

eric said:
Real fishermen don't use bobbers.

I was waiting for someone to say that!  :)


:-* ;D
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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